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This is a fine museum-quality polish based on an old family recipe from England. It is made from beeswax with a little carnauba wax and deodorized mineral spirit solvent.

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This is a fine museum-quality polish based on an old family recipe from England. It is made from beeswax with a little carnauba wax and deodorized mineral spirit solvent. We use deodorized mineral spirit solvent because it contains no aromatic hydrocarbons, which are carcinogens. It is easy to use and gives a delightful shine on wood, stone and marble.


It is available scented with essential oil of lavender, or unscented.


Apply a little with a cotton cloth. The secret is to use the polish sparingly -apply it very thinly over the surface. Wait for about 5 minutes, and buff lightly with a pad of cotton cloth to bring out the shine. An old bed sheet works best. If the wood is dry, try a second application. -Or if it is really dry, try a third one. -Then as Roger’s Mum emphasizes, SIT BACK AND RELAX. Re-apply from time to time.


Note: Applying the polish to bare wood: Woodworkers often ask us whether the polish can be applied directly to the bare wood. Yes! And you will get a gorgeous soft beeswax shine, which will become part of the patina as the years go by.


Note: The Vancouver Film Industry: There is no “Official Polish” for the big Vancouver film industry, but if there was, it would be “Clapham’s Beeswax Polish” 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The paint shops use it on everything! These are very talented people: They put a big effort into making things look beautiful, and they work just as hard to make things look old and crappy. They have found over the years, that they can add all kinds of pigments and fillers to the polish, for an extraordinary range of applications. They added a metallic powder to finish the casino safe in “A Thousand Miles To Graceland.” It was made of plywood, but you’d never know. “Battlestar Galactica” used the polish in a broad range of applications, from space fighter aircraft, to the sorry-looking crew accommodations on a derelict space freighter. Our biggest single movie was “Snow Falling On Cedars”, which featured a full-sized, wood-panelled Court House. It took 40 pails of polish, and looked like a million bucks. As a technical note, they also like the polish because it only takes a few moments to dull down glare in the lens of the camera during filming. This is important.


We welcome enquiries from all film makers.


Note: About Canada’s new federal labeling regulations


We strongly support all measures to protect the consumer, but we do not understand why our label is now required to carry a flame logo and a skull and cross bones. With respect to flammability, the polish is an emulsion. – It contains water. It is no easy matter to set fire to this stuff. A burning match will never do it; you will need a propane torch. With respect to danger to human health, we do not believe that there is one. Our solvent is not a carcinogen. To meet the labeling requirements for this product in the United States, we are required only to state; “Flammable. Keep out of the reach of children.”

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1.75oz/50g, 200g/7oz, 1134g/40oz

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I am fortunate enough to have ended up with many fine/antique pieces of wood furniture which had been rather neglected over the years. An antique/museum conservator website recommended this product and I have been a faithful fan for years. Am finally using the last of a small container of the old herbal scented wax, and while it is not quick and easy, like “Pledge,” it is worth the effort to see my cherished old furniture shine. Love this product, cannot say enough good things about it.

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