Here is some of the press coverage we have gotten over the years!

Our Salad Bowl Finish was mentioned in this article on the “This Old House” website.

A homeowner & novice applier from Alexandria, VA. was nice enough to send us a note saying “Thanks for your help, and for being accessible to coach on application” along with before and after photos of his use of our Salad Bowl Finish on his kitchen counter top. As you can see it makes quite a difference.

Hello, I’m a furniture designer/craftsman in Los Angeles – work has been a bit slow so as an experiment in hopes of bringing in much needed income I’ve started making high end professional quality cutting/chopping boards that are of a unique design – i’ve only done tow small runs of them but people are snapping them up at an average cost of $350 each…… I use and recommend your beeswax salad bowl finish – it’s a terrific product – I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for developing it.

Michael Z.

Artist Beverly Stewart regularly uses Clapham’s Beeswax Furniture Polish on some of her stone art work. Below is a photo showing one of stone works that has been finished with 3 coats of Clapham’s polish.

Owl/fish design is a registered trademark of Thibideau Holdings Limited.

Amy H. from Yellowknife NWT sent us a nice note saying: “Just in time for tomorrow’s cleaning job! Thanks!”

And she sent us photo to prove it!

Dear Roger and Anne,

I received your salad bowl finishing product last week and just had to send you a note. First to recap, a certain someone in my family, who shall remain nameless, put salad bowls in the dishwasher. Need I say more? So I did a lot of research on the net before I called your company and purchased your product. I have to say, this was the best choice. Your salad bowl finish is fantastic. After a good sanding with very fine 600 grit paper and putting three to four coats, they came out looking great. In addition, my hands feel the best they have felt in years as they were very rough. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and would recommend your products to anyone, as well as order other items in the future.

Sincerely and thanks again,
Alan from Massachusetts.

Hi and Happy New Year!

I’m so sorry for the delay in thanking you for your immediate and wonderful service.

I called you a while ago to ask you what to do about a jar of Clapham’s wax that I just couldn’t open. You suggested that I open it by any means an put the contents in a jam jar until you were able to send me a replacement. I did that and your replacement came very quickly. I love your product and wouldn’t do without either the furniture wax or the salad bowl wax. They are wonderful.

And now thanks to the little surprise you slipped in the replacement package, I am becoming very fond of your hand cream. Another find at Clapham’s!

Thank you ever so much. I appreciate the attention and the present. I will pass the word to anyone who will hear me and order more of the hand cream before the tube is done.

Yours truly,
Micheline B.
Pointe-Claire Québec Canada

Dear Claphams: I am in Calgary, and have two sets of chairs from the 1800’s– one, a set of english or french oak high-backed barley twist chairs; the other, a trio of belgian oak chairs on lions’ feet. Your polish has revived them and let them breathe. Heavily-carved chairs such as these run the risk of bits of carving dropping off, and your product seems to provide a stabilising, moisturizing treatment. The colour your polish brings out is also wonderful. For the longest time, I did nothing with them, thinking that there was a shellack or other finish on them from a hundred years ago, and that no surface treatment would penetrate. When I finally decided to use your beeswax polish, though, I found the wood definitely absorbed the polish to an extent. I don’t know what goes onat the molecular level, but it makes them ‘come alive’, somehow. Because they are intricately carved and turned, I apply the wax with my hand in a soft glove, then use a medium-soft bristle brush (normally used for shoes) to remove the excess. I actually use the brush all over, including on any straight edges, as well as on the carving and turning. Thanks for a great product; the chairs have such a presence now, as individual works of art.


I have multiple chemical sensitivities, and cannot use normal furniture care products. Another aspect of your furniture polish which is so great, is that it gives someone like myself absolutely no difficulties.

The best from Calgary,

Darcia M.

We are most grateful to James Krenov, founder of The Fine Woodworking Program, College of the Redwoods – Fort Bragg Ca, for allowing us to mention that Clapham’s Beeswax Polish is “my favourite wax”.